Pellet Mill Spare Parts

1. Q: How to calculate Compression Ratio of Pellet Die?
    A: Compression Ratio= L/D L: Effective Die Hole Pelleting Length; D: Effective Die Hole Dia. As the following diagram shows.
    You should use the die of different ratio for making pellets from different raw materials.

2. Q: What is the relationship between compression ratio and raw material for making pellets?
    A: Commonly compression ratio is inversely proportion to the hardness of raw material, the harder the raw material, the smaller the compression ratio.

3. Q: Can the die with the same compression ratio be used to make pellets from different raw materials?
    A: No. Different raw materials need the die of different compression ratio.

4. Q: What is the best compression ratio of the pellet die?
    A: The best compression ratio is got from the experience, so please purchase your pellet die from the professional pellet die manufacturer like AZEUS.

5. Q: How to adjust the distance between the pellet die and roller?
    A: The distance between the pellet die and roller is 0.1-0.3mm.

6. Q: What is the raw material for making your flat die and ring die?
    A: Our flat die and ring die are made of high-quality alloy steel or stainless steel. Pellet die made of stainless steel is recommended for feed pelleting industry.

7. Q: What sizes of pellet can I make using your pellet die?
    A: We have flat die and ring die of die hole with diameter from 2.5-10mm for making feed pellets and 6-12mm for making fuel pellets for you to choose.

8. Q: How long can your ring die be used?
    A: Our ring die has long service life. The service life time is 1000-2000 tons for making wood pellets; 1000 hours for making feed pellets.

9. Q: How long can your flat die be used?
    A: Our flat die can be used about 200-300 hours for wood pellet mill and much longer for feed pellet mill.

10. Q: How to grind the new pellet die?
      A: In order to make smooth and quality pellets, the new die should be ground using proportional sand, used oil and wheat bran.

11. Q: What are the factors affecting the lifespan of a die?
      A: There are many factors affect the service life of a die:
      ● the composition of raw material
      ● the characteristics of raw material
      ● the moisture content of material before pelletizing

12. Q: What is Die Face Rollover?
       A: Die Face Rollover is the deformation of the die hole where the hole inlets start to peen closely.

13. Q: When rollover occurs:
      A: ●when the rolls are too close to the die;
          ● when the wear ring or clamping ring works excessively;
          ● when the main bearings of the die holder works excessively.

14. Q: What problems can rollover causes?
      A: ● inadequate production with the motor at full-load
          ● excess vibration of the pelllet mill
          ● early breakdowns

15. Q: What is your roller shell made of?
       A: We use good quality bearing steel, alloy steel or carbon steel to make roller shell.

16. Q: How to maintain the roller?
      A: ● Check your roller regularly for unusual wear.
          ● Adjust the distance between roller and die properly.
          ● Try to match the new roller with the new die when your roller needs to replace.
          ● Rotate the roller frequently to make the roller shell wear uniformly.
          ● Lubricate the roller regularly.

17. Q: How long can your roller be used?
       A: ● The lifespan of our roller shell matched with flat die wood pellet mill is 200-300 hours and the lifespan for making feed pellets is much longer than that.
           ● The lifespan of our roller shell matched with ring die wood pellet machine is 500-1000 tons, and the lifespan for making feed pellets is five times more than that for   making wood pellets.

18. Q: How to buy your pellet mill spare parts?
      A: Just tell us the brand and model of your pellet machine, we will make the precise pellet mill spare parts for you.